Fundamentals of Education in Intervention with Young Offenders. A Critical Review of a ‘Successful’ Case in Andalucía, Spain


This manuscript analyses the case of Rashid, a young offender who became a child protection educator after completing a rehabilitation program for young offenders in Spain.

His rehabilitation process has been analysed from an educational perspective. Specifically, some of the main pedagogical fundamentals of his experience in the youth criminal justice system have been critically reviewed.

Interviews (with Rashid and other informants); documentary records (official reports); and photographic records (numerous pictures of his rehabilitation process), among others, were the main sources and data-collection techniques used in the study.

Conditioning was the prevailing learning strategy, and acculturation was the predominant pedagogical process during the rehabilitation process. Despite the turn of events in Rashid’s life, neither of them should be used as grounds in these types of cases.

The conclusions discuss the concept of the 'institutionalised character' that emerged from the study. Appropriate substantiation is provided for the educational, personalised and holistic approach that is argued to be the most suitable in these cases.



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, Universidad de Granada. Granada, Spain.

Investigador y profesor titular de la Universidad de Granada, Granada, España. Doctor en Ciencias de la Educación de la Universidad de Málaga. Licenciado en Pedagogía de la Universidad de Málaga.

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